Shopping innovation at Oslo Airport

by Anja
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Nov 16, 2023 9:42:50 AM

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SSP introduces AI-controlled, cashierless shops at Oslo Airport

SSP, a leading operator of food and beverage stores at destinations worldwide, is introducing two cashierless shops at Oslo Airport. This innovative concept offers a stress-free shopping experience without having to scan items or queue at a checkout.

Customers simply tap their payment card as they enter the shop, select the items they want and the card is automatically charged when they leave the shop - no scanning, no interaction with staff and no app download required. As proof of purchase, customers can scan a code with their mobile phone at the exit to receive a receipt by email.

The technology comes from Zippin and Planet. It uses AI-enabled camera technology and shelves with weight sensors to recognise items and smoothly integrate payments. The openings at Oslo Airport follow a successful trial at New York's JFK International Airport, which hints at potential expansion at other SSP locations.

In addition to convenience, this technology promises further advantages. In future, checkout areas can be used for a wider range of products, which is particularly beneficial in areas with limited space such as railway stations and airports.

Mark Smith, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at SSP, emphasises how much this shopping experience enriches the customer journey.
Glenn Marius Sørgård, Commercial Manager at Oslo Airport, emphasises the efficiency and uniqueness that this concept brings to the shopping experience at Oslo Airport.

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Header: © Øystein Løwer / Avinor

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