Online Sales Event for Travel Trade
31. January - 01. February 2024
by NordicMarketing



© Visit Denmark / Roar Paaske


Online Sales Event for Travel Trade
31. January - 01. February 2024
by NordicMarketing



© Chris Ried / Unsplash


Online Sales Event for Travel Trade
31. January - 01. February 2024
by NordicMarketing



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Matching suppliers and buyers online

The 2-day event is organized by NordicMarketing to enable virtual meetings between suppliers, destinations and service providers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, and Denmark
and tour operators from
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and other countries

Early Bird After 31.12.2023
one person per company
one person per company
extra person from the same company: Early Bird 590€, Normal price 690€

Registration starts soon.



Tourist boards, tourism businesses, ferry companies, airlines, transport companies, service providers and destinations from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, and Denmark.


Tour operators from DACH, Benelux and other markets as well as incoming agencies are invited to join the event.



  • Save your seat now
  • Set up event profile on Converve from November 2023
  • Book appointments (matchmaking) from 15.1.2024
NORDEUROPA 2024: 31.1. -  1.2.2024
  • Wednesday and Thursday
  • 09:00-18:00 h CET
  • 35 time slots during 2 days
  • 20 minutes per meeting
  • 10 minutes break in between 


Managing Director | NordicMarketing

+49 234 54 66 05 55

Key Account Manager | NordicMarketing


Individual appointments

NORDEUROPA matches suppliers and buyers based on individual profiles, segments and needs. Registered participants will be able to filter matching suppliers/ buyers and request individual meetings. An online video meeting between two participants takes 20 minutes, followed by a 10 minutes break. 

We use an online platform which includes registration, matchmaking, scheduling and video meetings - no downloads or apps needed.

Participate in NORDEUROPA 2024


Early Bird price until 31.12.2023 Regular price as of 1.1.2024
Register as a company
790 €
990 €
Early Bird price for companies valid until 31.12.2023 - save 200 €
Admission for one person per company 
Virtual meetings with tour operators
Target group DACH and Benelux countries
Online-Matchmaking & Video conference tool (Converve)
Own profile page & meeting calendar
Optional: additional person from the same company* - Register with 2 pax here »
*Additional person from the same company:
Early Bird 590 €
*Additional person from the same company:
790 €
Register as a destination
2,500 €
3,000 €
Early Bird price for destinations valid until 31.12.2023 - save 500 €
Admission for 5 persons (same or different company), e.g. DMO + 4 partner companies
additional persons possible for special rate*
Virtual meetings with tour operators
Target group DACH and Benelux countries
Online-Matchmaking & Video conference tool (Converve)
Own profile page & meeting calendar
* Additional person (own meeting calendar): 500 €
* Additional person (own meeting calendar): 600 €


EARLY BIRD PRICE: 790 €/person until 31.12.2023
Price as of 1.1.2024: 990€ /person

  • Admission for one person per company 
  • Virtual meetings with tour operators
  • Target group DACH and Benelux countries
  • Online-Matchmaking & Video conference tool (Converve)
  • Own profile page & meeting calendar

Additional person from the same company:
Early Bird 590€, normal price 690€

Registration starts soon.

Finland Ruska © Toni Panula  Visit Finland

Frequently Asked Questions

Who invites the tour operators?

NordicMarketing will invite tour operators from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as from other countries.

How does the matchmaking work?

Based on your interest and networking profile, the system provides suggestions of potential meeting partners for you. It is also possible to filter exactly the type of participants you are looking for. Potential matches can also be save to your favorite list.

Besides this matchmaking feature, it is possible for every seller to request meeting with every buyer and vice versa. Everyone decides on their own whether to accept or decline a meeting.

Can I download my meeting schedule?

Yes, your meeting schedule is available as PDF to download.

What if I need more time than 20 minutes?

Don't worry, the video meeting won't automatically end, you can still use the 10 minutes break to continue your appointment. By pressing the red button, the meeting will be ended. 

Just remember the schedule of the following meeting.

Do I get the contact details of the buyers?

Yes, you will find a handbook as pdf with all profiles of the tour operators and a list as pdf with contact details of all tour operators.

Do I need to download any software?

No, you don't need to download any software or application. You can enter the online event and the video meetings on our event page via internet browser.

How does the online meeting work? And what features are possible to use?

The meeting is taking place and an online meeting table. You’ll be virtually connected with your meeting partner via video and audio. If you’d like to show a video or show a presentation, screensharing is possible.

Is it possible to communicate via the system with buyers?

Yes, there is the option to send private messages to buyers if you e.g. want to chat before the actual meeting or need to postpone your meeting and would like to agree on an alternative meeting slot.

What are the payment options?

The payment options depend on the package booked. 

Companies: After submitting the registration form you'll be forwarded to a payment link ( Payment is possible by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna. If none of these are possible, please contact us via mail so that we can help you:

Destinations: Destinations will be invoice by us. 

Destination Partners: Destination partners can either pay via credit card, pay via invoice or the destination covers their costs. The payment option can be selected in the registration form. 

Can I activate my profile from previous year?

Yes, if you participated in NORDEUROPA 2023 you will receive a link to reactivate your profile from us. Once logged in, you can edit and update your profile for NORDEUROPA 2024.

How many supplier & buyer participated in NORDEUROPA before?


  • 264 Participants, 1,278 meetings
  • Buyers from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  • Suppliers from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and new: Estonia
  • 99 buyer companies
  • 117 supplier companies


  • 273 Participants, 1,495 meetings
  • Buyers from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Unites States
  • Suppliers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and new: Iceland, Denmark
  • 104 buyer companies
  • 123 supplier companies


  • 148 participants from 8 different countries, who attended a total of 957 meetings.
  • Buyers from DACH & Benelux
  • Suppliers from Norway, Sweden and Finland
  • 63 buyer companies
  • 61 supplier companies + 4 premium partners 
Which device and Internet browser are recommended?

Theoretically you may use any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) that is equipped with audio and video, but the provider strongly recommends using a computer as the system works best there.

Google Chrome and Firefox are recommended Internet browsers. You may experience difficulties with Safari or Internet Explorer. 


I am working part-time - can I reduce my availability on my calendar?

Yes, you can reduce your availability on your calendar by blocking time slots.

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Supplier statements about NORDEUROPA

“Always pleasure to work with you as what ever you do (workshops, sales run, events), all is done extremely well!”
Marika Tomminen
Lapland Hotels & Safaris
"Great job and well done Nordic Marketing! Nordeuropa 2021 was a well-needed energy injection and a true competitor to ITB for smaller destinations and suppliers."
Maarja Edmann
Visit Trelleborg
“Nordeuropa 2021 was a very good replacement for the ITB this year with contact to many very important tour operators. Worth the money!”
Profile picture -ITB-2019-Georg_Sichelschmidt
Georg Sichelschmidt
Visit Lyngenfjord
“Keep doing a Good Job, I am looking forward next time!!”
Profile picture-ITB 2020-Susanne Wallin_150
Susanne Wallin
Haparanda Stadshotell
“NordicMarketing means quality to me. Always.”
Tiina Isotamm
Tiina Isotamm
International Sales Manager , Eckerö Line AB Oy
“As usual with Nordic Marketing: Everything was perfect! Thanks!”
Profile picture-ITB-2019-Mats Rullander_150
Mats Rullander
Jukkasjärvi Vildmarks Turer

Tour operator statements about NORDEUROPA

“Well organized, thank you for organizing the event. There were no difficulties, just like I am used to from working with you :-)”
Ilka Goerigk
Nordic Holidays Gmbh
“Once again very well organized. It was fun meeting new and “old” suppliers and to receive news. I like the idea behind it, especially during these challenging times. I believe this format will continue in the future.”
Nadja Rätzer
Island Tours AG
“Thank you for the perfect organization. You put a lot of heart and soul, time, know-how and commitment into it.”
Klaus Lange
Rucksack Reisen
“The NORDEUROPA workshop 2021 was very well organized and so helpful to maintain and meet up with existing contacts. It was also a great opportunity to meet new contacts. Overall a great idea to host such an event during these times. Thank you!”
Patricia Lawitschka
„It was great! Cannot replace personal meetings, but definitely helpful and actually much more efficient than the ITB!”
Holger Baldus
Studiosus Reisen München GmbH
"You did a really great job – thank you for organizing the event.”
Michaela Hallmen
Arktis Tours
"Thank you for this top-class online sales workshop. The day simply flew by and the 10 minute breaks in between were perfect to get coffee or stretch your legs a bit. I’ll gladly attend again!”
Stephanie Gräf | Reisen jenseits vom Mittelmaß
"Keep up the good work. It was a great event, I have met valuable new partners.”
Sönke Jacobs
Nordic Team Travel
"Great that you have adapted to the situation. This way, fairs will have a hard time in the future. Time and financial savings are immense. Thank you for your commitment!”
Daniel Lang
Fintouring GmbH
"You were great! The range of participants was excellent and we held great meetings with many amazing partners. A big thanks to you :)”
Katrin Köhler
Nordträume Reisen GmbH
“Great initiative and well organized. I would definitely participate again in a future edition.”
Nicole van Amelsvoort
Nicole van Amelsvoort
Voigt Travel
"Well done! Thank you for your effort and dedication!”
Janka Schelb
Norway Pro Travel
“Super set up! I had a good match with everyone, this was well thought out in advance. The online platform also worked great. Had no technical problems.”
Marinka van der Vlies
Marinka van der Vlies
Verschoor Reizen