Product manuals  for tour operators

Product manuals from NordicMarketing are high-quality working documents for product managers and decision-makers in the travel industry - with high-quality pictures, with detailed service description, with tour operator prices (print version), with contact data and contact persons.

All product manuals for tour operators with products from Finland, Sweden and Norway:

Product manual Salla Finland-2021


Salla is an authentic Lappish village above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland near the Russian border in the middle of one of the largest wilderness areas in Europe. Sights, activities, restaurants and accommodation in East Lapland. 

Product Manual Tampere Finland 2021 Cover

Tampere 2021

Activities, museums, events, hotels, cottages, food and beverage, round and day trips...

Product manual Oulu Region Finland 2021-2022

Oulu Region 2021-22

Attractions, year-round activities and travel packages, restaurant and cafés as well as hotel accommodation, cottages, apartments, exclusive suites and igloos in Oulu, Kalajoki, Rokua and Syöte..

Product Manual-Ahtari-Finland-2021-22-EN

Ähtäri 2021-22

Ähtäri Region - Finnish lakeland at its most idyllic: three accommodation and activity provider present its products and services. Hyvölä Houses apartments, Naava Resort villas and apartments and Valkeisen Loma Reindeer Farm with a farm hotel, reindeer park and holiday apartments in an authentic rural milieu.

Product Manual Kvarken Destinations Sweden & Finland 2020 EN

Kvarken Destinations 2020

Experiences, sights, activities, travel packages, ferry connection, accommodations and restaurants at the Finnish coast, the Kvarken Archipelago & Höga Kusten.

Finland, Sweden
Product Manual Kotka-Hamina 2020 EN

Kotka-Hamina 2020

Sights, cultural attractions, activities, packages and accommodations in the Southern Finnish region Kotka-Hamina.

Product Manual Levi 2020-2022

Levi 2020-2022

Summer weekly programme, autumn Northern Light programme, ski resort, national park, glass igloos, Northern Light accommodation, hotels, holiday homes, high-end accommodation and activities...

Product Manual Vuokatti 2020 EN

Vuokatti 2020

Year-round winter activities, safaris, week packages, hotels, cottages and culinary highlights and day trip options in the Kainuu region.

Product Manual Oulu Region Finland 2019-2020

Oulu Region 2019-2020

Sights, attractions, activities, restaurants and accommodations in Oulu, Liminka, Kalajoki, Rokua and Syöte...

Tampere 2019

Tampere 2019

Activities, museums, hotels, cottages, food and beverage and round trips in Tampere region...

Helsinki 2019

Helsinki 2019

Sights, events, hotels, cottages, activities, ferry connections, information about the destinations Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Porvoo...

Vuokatti Produktmanual Cover

Vuokatti 2019

Year-round winter activities, safaris, week packages, hotels, cottages and culinary highlights and day trip options in the Kainuu region.

Product Manual Kvarken Archipelago-Vaasa Region-Finnish West Coast-Finland 2018

Kvarken Archipelago 2018

Sights in the UNESCO World Heritage Kvarken Archipelago, unique glass accommodations, packages, fishing, hiking, boat trips, sailing...
Levi Product manual Cover

Levi 2018

Summer week program, northern lights, ski resort, national park, glass igloos, hotels, cottages, high-end accommodation and activities...

Product manual Lappeenranta & Imatra Region - Lake Saimaa Finland 2018

Lappeenranta & Imatra Region 2018

Lake Saimaa in Finland, summer activities, winter products, cottages, hotels, culture, sauna, wellness, round trips...