NordicMarketing Export Concept 

NordicMarketing’s export concept fits excellently destinations and companies for their product development and international marketing.

Our concept has been used and developed for almost 14 years. Product development has been done in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It offers great tools for companies for common business use, product optimisation for German market, tools for sales, marketing and online marketing. The concept includes a lot of practical work and action and leads to concrete business, to concrete results for suppliers and tour operators on the market.

  • The process starts with product and market analysis, followed by market and customer-based product development in practical workshops or business meetings.
  • In our workshops or after meetings we use NordicMarketing’s new online forms with a standard based on market needs to collect product details, which are the basics for the product manual.
  • The manual is a marketing tool, used during sales calls, sales tours and ITB trade fair, made for tour operator, product managers and decision makers to present the products and the region.
  • After each sales call a detailed report with contact data, company profile and comments about the products will be delivered to the suppliers.
  • Marketing activities will be supported by newsletter and online marketing, target groups are tour operators.
  • Product testing is realized with FAM trips, invitations will be sent only to selected and potential tour operators who will visit the region and companies.