FAM Trip

Every year NordicMarketing organizes educational tours to the destinations in Northern Europe. Only tour operators we met before in person on sales visits/ tours are invited to our fam trips.


  • FAM (familiarisation) Trips
  • Tour operators will be invited to visit destination, to see and test products and services of the client

Realisation of FAM Trips

  • NordicMarketing choose tour operators, sends invitations, coordinates and communicates with tour operators, assists in program planning
  • Participants: 5-10 tour operators
  • NordicMarketing guides the tour, moderate discussions, communicates needs and wishes
  • Feedback meeting at the end of the tour
  • Participants give open feedback to suppliers about the services and products
  • Online questionnaire after the tour, detailed and measurable feedback from tour operators
  • Report: You will receive a report from us with detailed comments from tour operators  
FAM Trip to Helsinki, Finland
Guided biking tour
FAM trip to Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland
Rafting tour