FAM Trip

On FAM trips, destinations and regional suppliers present their activities and services to international tour operators.

FAM Trips

FAM trips are the best way to present and sell your destination as potential business partners get to test your products and services themselves during the trip. 
We arrange FAM trips with selected tour operators from DACH and Benelux markets.

Our Service

  • we select and invite relevant tour operators - the aim is to have a manageable group size of 5-10 pax
  • we take care of all communication and coordination with tour operators
  • we assist you with program planning and travel arrangements (flight/ train bookings)
  • we provide you with information about the participating tour operators that are necessary for planning and preparation (from food intolerances to particular interest in the destination)
  • we provide you with guidelines for a successful FAM trip in advance
  • we create a nicely layouted FAM trip program for the participants, incl. timetable and website links of those places that will be visited during the trip 
  • we act as a tour guide during the trip - we answer questions from the tour operators, map out the needs and wishes and act as a mediator and interpreter if necessary 
  • we send an online survey based on the program after the FAM trip to the tour operators and report their feedback to you

Your Benefits

  • you meet tour operators in your own environment and can present your destination, products and services yourself on location
  • you enable the tour operators to experience your facilities and activities on location in the best possible way
  • you get access to relevant tour operators on the Central European market without the need of an already existing large contact network
  • you have the opportunity to establish new contacts and create a basis for possible cooperation
  • you have the chance to create awareness for providers who aren't yet (well) known
  • you have the chance to receive direct feedback on your products and services in personal conversations 
  • you receive detailed feedback after the trip that is valuable for our own product development


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