Wood Hotel Bodø opens ATTME restaurant

by Anja
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Mar 28, 2024 1:51:23 PM

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A fusion of tradition and innovation at Wood Hotel Bodø

Wood Hotel Bodø proudly presents its latest culinary jewel: ATTME, a restaurant concept that aims to redefine dining culture in Northern Norway. Under the direction of renowned chef Christian André Pettersen, winner of the coveted Bocuse d'Or Award, ATTME combines traditional Northern Norwegian flavors with a contemporary approach.

The name ATTME comes from the Bodø and Saltend dialects and reflects the restaurant's mission to bring people together for unforgettable culinary experiences. Perched at the top of Wood Hotel Bodø, the restaurant offers not only first-class cuisine, but also spectacular views of the surrounding nature.

Under the direction of NORD Matstudio, led by Pettersen together with Rasmus Skoglund and Simon Engen, ATTME celebrates the region's culinary heritage while embracing modern gastronomic trends. Through careful selection of local ingredients and an appreciation for traditional recipes, the team has succeeded in creating a menu that honors the past while pointing the way to the future.

With a total of 198 seats and a prime location on the seventh floor of the hotel, ATTME offers guests an unparalleled view of Landegode, the Bodø Peninsula and the Lofoten Wall. Adjacent to the restaurant is a cocktail bar serving a specially curated drinks menu that perfectly complements the culinary vision. As a new hotspot on the Bodø gastronomy scene, ATTME has already attracted a lot of attention and reservations are filling up fast.

More on the restaurant ATTME at Wood Hotel Bodø (in Norwegian).

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