Viking Line has the most satisfied and loyal customers

by Anja
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Sep 26, 2022 3:32:39 PM

#NordicNews on ship traffic and Finland

Viking Line is the best passenger transport company in Finland

According to a survey by EPSI Rating, Viking Line has the most satisfied and loyal customers of all passenger transport companies in Finland. The respondents particularly appreciate the company's customer service and sustainability measures.

Around 3010 Finnish residents who have travelled as customers on passenger transport in the last 12 months were surveyed. EPSI Rating has also investigated customer opinions in other industries. Compared to many other industries, the issues of sustainable development and social responsibility are very important for guests in passenger transport. Participants indicated that the passenger transport industry should be more socially responsible, and 44 per cent of respondents said that they will make even more sustainable choices when travelling in Finland in the coming years than they do today. Viking Line leads the sustainability index in passenger transport in the survey.

More on the survey and Viking Line.

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