The Finns know how to be happy

Mar 25, 2019 10:57:26 AM

The Finns are the happiest people in the world. At least according to the World Happiness Report, which was published this year for the seventh time by the United Nations Network "Solutions for Sustainable Development". Appropriately on World Happiness Day, the 20th March.

After 2018, Finland now leads the table for the second time in a row. What is it that makes the people of northern Europe so happy? The American opinion research institute Gallup, which is behind the report, asked Finns, among others, how happy they feel. But also the gross domestic product per capita as well as life expectancy and corruption in government and economy are included in the assessment. Survey results from a total of 156 countries are compared.

Finland_Julia_Kivelä© Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland

What more could a Finn want?

The basis of Finnish bliss is the triangle of nature - education - sauna. The Finns appreciate their freedom and everything else they have modestly. Above all, it is the harmony with nature and with oneself that results in fundamental satisfaction. But the good educational system also helps Finns to feel at home in their country. Nothing new for experts, but nevertheless worth mentioning: The traditional sauna culture in Finland also has its share in the high score in the World Happiness Report.

Harri Tarvainen_Beeren© Harri Tarvainen / Visit Finland

A portion of happiness for everyone

The Finns wouldn't be the Finns if they weren't willing to share their happiness with everyone. The campaign "Rent a Finn" makes this possible: Eight "normal Finns" have agreed to become Happiness-Guides and share their key to happiness - especially the connection with nature.

But even without a Happiness Guide you can find your very own portion of happiness in Finland. One more reason to focus intensively on the country as a destination for tourists and holidaymakers. Can there be a more convincing argument than almost infinite happiness? 

Finnland_Vastavalo  Soili Jussila© Vastavalo / Soili Jussila / Visit Finland

Scandinavia is in a lucky fever 

By the way: Finland is not alone in its happiness. Denmark, Norway and Iceland follow in second, third and fourth place among the happiest countries in the world. Sweden also made it into the top 10 with 7th place. 

Header: Julia Kivela / Visit Finland 

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