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Mar 20, 2019 9:52:57 AM

One of the most comfortable ways to travel is by plane. But which airlines fly to Scandinavia? Are there direct connections to the north?

Flight connections to Scandinavia

We have compiled an overview of the flight connections from the Netherlands and Belgium to Scandinavia for tour operators, Scandinavia experts and travel agents (changes are possible for all connections and airlines).

Direct flights from the Netherlands to Scandinavia

Airline Departure Arrival Duration
To Finland      
Finnair Amsterdam Helsinki 02:20
KLM Amsterdam Helsinki 02:25
Transavia Amsterdam Helsinki 02:25
TUI Amsterdam Kittilä 04:20
Voigt Travel (operated in collaboration with Transavia) Rotterdam Rovaniemi (summer) 03:05
  Amsterdam Kuusamo (winter) 03:15
  Amsterdam Rovaniemi (winter) 03:05
  Amsterdam Ivalo (winter) 03:15
  Amsterdam Kittilä (winter) 03:15
To Sweden      
KLM Amsterdam Stockholm 02:00
  Amsterdam Gothenburg 01:30
  Amsterdam Växjö 01:35
  Amsterdam Linköping 01:45
Norwegian Amsterdam Stockholm 02:05
SAS Amsterdam Stockholm 02:05
Transavia Eindhoven Stockholm 02:05
Voigt Travel (operated in collaboration with Transavia) Rotterdam Skellefteå (summer) 04:35
To Norway      
KLM Amsterdam Oslo 01:50
  Amsterdam Bergen 01:45
  Amsterdam Trondheim 02:15
  Amsterdam Stavanger 01:30
  Amsterdam Kristiansand 01:30
  Amsterdam Ålesund 02:00
SAS Amsterdam Oslo 01:45
Norwegian Amsterdam Oslo 01:45


Direct flights from Belgium to Scandinavia

Airline Departure Arrival Duration
To Finland      
Finnair Brussels Helsinki 02:30
To Sweden      
Brussels Airlines Brussels Stockholm 02:15
  Brussels Gothenburg 01:40
SAS Brussels Stockholm 02:10
Ryanair Brussels Stockholm 02:10
  Charleroi Stockholm 02:10
To Norway      
Brussels Airline Brussels Oslo 01:55
SAS Brussels Oslo 01:55
  Brussels Tromsø  


We missed a direct connection here? Something has changed in the flight planning? We are looking forward to every tip and comment.

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