Tallink supplies ships with shore power

by Anja
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Apr 14, 2023 2:18:59 PM

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Tallink ships now use shore power at the ports of Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm

Tallink Grupp ships now use shore power in the ports of Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn, which causes less greenhouse gas emissions and less noise during their port calls.

The Port of Stockholm was the first to modernise its port infrastructure and complete the construction of the high-voltage shore power connection tap. Tallink Grupp's ships Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade were the first ships to be retrofitted with shore power plugs and connected to the shore power system in Stockholm as early as June 2019.

Tallinn followed suit in autumn 2020, equipping five of its quays with the necessary facilities. Following this, the ships Victoria I and Baltic Queen were connected to shore power. The last ports to complete their construction projects were the Olympic Terminal and the Western Harbour in Helsinki.

Both Tallink shuttles Megastar and MyStar use shore power during their overnight layovers in the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn. The cruise ferry Baltic Queen currently uses shore power during its daytime port calls in the ports of Tallinn and Stockholm, and the cruise ferries Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony are connected to shore power during their port calls in the ports of Stockholm and Helsinki.

Thanks to the connection to shore power of the five ships, Tallink Grupp can reduce its CO2 emissions by 7,572 tonnes per year.

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