Sleek and timeless architecture makes Helsinki Airport more accessible

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May 13, 2022 3:39:19 PM

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The new terminal is simpler and easier to access

The terminal's architecture caters to the extensive and diverse customer base of Helsinki Airport.The goal is to make it easy for all travelers to find services, while the design also considers a smooth travel experience. "We wanted every passenger to know where they are at all times and where they should go next", says Pekka Leskelä from HKP Architects and responsibe chief designer.

When renovating the terminal, Finavia invested in a good customer experience, such as intuitive navigation and simple and barrier-free accessibility solutions. The architects took this into account by, for example, making the pathways clearer and more spacious.

Additionally, the architects also wanted to provide the airport with a distinctive appearance. In the architecture, Finnishness is expressed through simple and abstract means and Finnish elements are visible as an undertone through colours, materials and clarity. The designers wanted to respect the traditions of Finnish and Nordic architecture. In addition, the architecture is designed sustainably and the materials are low-emission. 

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