Kuusamo Airport will be closed from July - August

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Jun 7, 2023 7:49:47 AM

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Finavia expands Kuusamo Airport and suspends flights from 17 July to 15 August

The airport company Finavia is renovating the runway lighting system at Kuusamo Airport and resurfacing the apron and taxiway, so there will be a one-month flight break at Kuusamo Airport from mid-July to mid-August.

Finavia is investing a total of €2.5 million in the renovation works at Kuusamo Airport, with almost €2 million of the total investment going towards renewing the runway lighting.

The disruption of air traffic from Helsinki to Kuusamo will last from 17 July to 15 August. The terminal will also be closed during this time. Rovaniemi, Kemi-Tornio and Oulu airports will serve residents and tourists in the Kuusamo region during the repair work.

Kuusamo Airport is one of the airports in Lapland with year-round flights. Especially in the winter season, the passenger volume increases significantly. After the renovation, Kuusamo Airport is ready for the new winter season.

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