Finnair tightens rules on baggage allowance

by Anja
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May 17, 2023 10:27:20 AM

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Stricter baggage allowance rules for Finnair

From 1 June this year, Finnair will apply stricter rules on baggage allowance and seat selection for passengers who have booked a Superlight ticket within Europe.

Superlight tickets will replace Economy Light tickets on flights within Europe. The new Superlight ticket only includes a small bag that fits under the seat, but no other hand luggage. Purchases made at the airport will count towards the allowance and must therefore also fit in the bag under the seat.
Finnair Plus members travelling with a Superlight ticket are allowed one additional piece of hand baggage in addition to the bag under the seat.

For long-haul flights and Business Class on European flights, Light tickets will continue to be offered, which include a normal carry-on bag plus a small piece of under-seat luggage. The Classic ticket continues to be the right choice for customers travelling with both checked and carry-on baggage.

The new rules are Finnair's response to the problem of excessive cabin baggage on board. According to Finnair, excessive hand baggage causes boarding delays and affects both flight punctuality and travel comfort.

The Business Class baggage allowance will also be reduced from 1 June. And all special baggage items such as golf bags and ski equipment will now be excluded from ticket prices, and they will only be available for an additional charge.

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