Current entry requirements for Finland

Last updated: 3 January 2022

Finland changes rules for entry 

Finland has changed its policy on entry regulations. The new regulations apply as of 28.12.2021. 

Short-term changes possible

The Finnish government advises that the situation might change at short notice. Because of this, NordicMarketing does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Further information on the current entry requirements in Finland

Entry requirements as of 28 December 2021

On 21.12.2021, the Finnish government decided to reinstate border controls and entry restrictions. 

To enter Finland, travellers from EU and Schengen countries must provide the following documents:

  • a certificate of a complete and valid vaccination series (either one or two doses depending on the vaccine). At least 7 days must have passed since the last vaccine dose has been received OR
  • a single certificate that the person has recovered from covid-19 virus and has received one dose of vaccine. It is equivalent to a complete covid-19 vaccination series. OR
  • EU digital COVID certificate that proves the person has recovered from covid-19 within 6 months.
  • In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the person must present a negative covid-19 test result of less than 48 hours. The result of a PCR or an Antigen test is accepted.

These requirements apply as of 1 January 2022 to persons born in 2006 or earlier. The above-mentioned requirements do not apply to Finnish citizens, foreign citizens who are permanent residents of Finland or persons whose reason for entry is one of the reasons listed on the Finnish Border Guard website. The need for a reason for entry is always assessed on a case-by-case basis at a border check by the Finnish Border Guard.

Source: Finnish Border Guard

FINENTRY service

Travellers are advised to use the FINENTRY service. "FINENTRY is a service that aims to make it easier to travel to Finland during the coronavirus pandemic." Click here to go to FINENTRY.

FAQ about entering Finland

Updated 03.01.2022