Winners of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL 2024

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Mar 7, 2024 4:06:35 PM

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This year's SOA TRAVEL winners

The happy winners of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL 2024 were honoured at ITB. During the jury meeting on the eve of ITB, the jury decided on the winners in 5 categories and also awarded a special prize for an environmental project.

Jury members 2024

Congratulations to the SOA Travel 2024 award winners:

Best Outdoor Destination: Arctic Lakeland / Finland

SOA Travel 2024 - Best Outdoor Destination © SOA TRAVEL_Thomas Rathay

Arctic Lakeland impressed the jury with an exciting year-round concept and an interesting mix for both outdoor enthusiasts and tour operators.
The application included a detailed description of the region, outdoor concepts and a strong focus on sustainability.
A trailblazer for an outstanding outdoor destination.

Best Transportation: Viking Line / Finland

SOA Travel 2024 Best Transportation © SOA TRAVEL_Thomas RathayViking Line convinced the jury with a comprehensive and detailed application. It presented a well-presented offer, a well-founded sustainability strategy and the social and economic criteria expected of a means of transport.

Best Outdoor Product: Your friend in Reykjavik / Iceland

SOA Travel 2024 Best Outdoor Product © SOA TRAVEL_Thomas RathayThe jury was won over by a logical and self-contained outdoor product. This is an excellent example of how to get people out into nature with a thematic focus.
With a personalized application, a clever concept, a well thought-out sustainability aspect and a convincing marketing language, this product more than deserves the award. Even the non-cat lovers on the jury would love to go on the "The Reykjavik CatWalk" tour.


Best Accommodation: Cahkal Hotel / Finland 

SOA Travel 2024 Best Accommodation © SOA TRAVEL_Thomas RathayThis accommodation impressed the jury with its uniqueness. The jury thinks that hardly any other accommodation in the Nordic countries can compete with such a unique and sustainable concept. The high quality of the overall appearance, the coherent design, the great website and the huge added value for travelers in an unpopulated area left the jury with no choice but to give the award here. All services are provided in partnership with local businesses.

Best Sustainability Concept: Visit Trelleborg / Sweden

SOA Travel 2024 Best Sustainability Concept © SOA TRAVEL_Thomas RathayThis sustainable and complex concept convinces the Jury as it plays an essential pioneering role.
Visit Trelleborg involves everyone in the region and motivates them to work towards a better future. They set a good example and show how a region can develop sustainably together with all stakeholders.

Jury Honorary Eco Award: Mood of Finland / Finland

SOA Travel 2024 Jury Honorary Eco Award © SOA TRAVEL_Thomas RathayThe jury has decided to award extra recognition to the project Love Forest Finland.
This concept aims to raise funds for nature protection, offering individuals the opportunity to influence and actively participate in actions that reduce climate change and preserve biodiversity. 

From this year on, this award is will be given for initiatives and projects that spread love, goodness, and make a positive impact on nature. It aims to honor those who contribute to positive change and do outstanding work for the environment.

Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL

Logo-SOA-TRAVELThe SOA Travel was first awarded in 2018. The award was initiated by Jan Badur/NordicMarketing and Matthias Aßmann/MANDEL. SOA TRAVEL will be given out to travel destinations and tourism companies once a year and evaluates the previous years´ achievement. The jury consists of tour operators specialized in outdoor and adventure travel in Scandinavia and travel experts.

Pictures: © SOA TRAVEL / Thomas Rathay

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