What does NordicMarketing actually do?

by Jan
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Feb 11, 2019 3:36:00 PM

The Scandinavia experts and Northern Europe specialists among the tour operators usually know pretty well what NordicMarketing does. Or at least what the German-Finnish team offers the tour operators in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

But a tour operator for whom Northern Europe is new territory or someone at the beginning of his career as a product manager in the Scandinavian department understandably has questions about what this company from Bochum actually does.

A short answer would be: NordicMarketing is an agency for tourism marketing, specialized in Northern Europe.


Northern Europe for Tour Operators

In more differentiated terms, NordicMarketing also acts as a consultant for the tourism industry in Northern Europe. This includes numerous training courses in Finland, Sweden and Norway, e.g. on product development in tourism, marketing and sales in Central Europe, the role of tour operators and travel agencies, the importance of information trips, commissions, allotments, etc.

Jan Badur and Suvi Ahola are both trainers at Visit Finland Academy and are regularly booked for training sessions, presentations or lectures in Finland.

In addition, there are various product development workshops in the destinations, the aim and concrete result of which are often new German-language product manuals for tour operators.

 These product manuals designed and produced by NordicMarketing are intended exclusively for tour operators, work tools for product managers and decision-makers, a selection of top products from the respective region. The product descriptions are in German, fact-oriented, supplemented by detailed service descriptions, tour operator prices and contact details of the respective providers.

The product manuals are used in numerous sales calls in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and are often the basis for discussions at the many personal meetings between NordicMarketing and tour operators, or on sales tours where partners from Finland, Sweden or Norway are present to meet the tour operators in their offices.


The aim of these discussions is to jointly find the appropriate building blocks, activities or accommodation for the tour operator and its specific target group and product portfolio, to collect new product ideas and wishes and to establish contacts between tour operators and service providers.

These sales calls and tours are supplemented by regular newsletter mailings that reach over 1,000 tour operators every month and keep them informed about new products and industry news.

Organisers who are interested in the presented products from the North will be invited to NordicMarketing's information trips, so-called FAM-Trips, where exactly these products can be tested on site and the contact to the respective suppliers will be established.

All these measures systematically build on each other, have been continuously developed over the years and are now referred to in this standardised form as the NordicMarketing export concept.

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