Vy Tåg withdraws from Swedish night train traffic

by Anja
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Mar 28, 2024 2:10:48 PM

#NordicNews on train traffic and Sweden

Vy Tåg leaves Swedish night train service: Trafikverket looks for alternatives

The Norwegian railroad company Vy Tåg, a successor to SJ, will only operate the night train service from Stockholm to Kiruna - Narvik until December 14, 2024. This was announced by Trafikverket, the Swedish infrastructure manager.

The decision is the result of financial disagreements and problems with the condition of the trains operated by Vy Tåg. The infrastructure manager was unable to agree on additional financial compensation, which led to the search for an interim solution for two years. The Swedish state railroads SJ and the long-distance and night train operator Snälltåget are seen as potential candidates for the interim direct award. This development sheds light on the complexity and challenges of the current tendering system in Swedish rail transport, which did not exist in the past.

In the past, the lines were operated for decades by the Swedish state railroads Järnvägar, which represented an era of reliability and continuity.

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