Up Norway launches new trip to Norway's Superwomen

by Anja
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Jan 17, 2023 8:50:10 AM

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On the trail of Norway's superwomen with Up Norway

Norwegian tour operator Up Norway is known for sustainable luxury travel. The latest offering invites travellers to explore Norway from a gender equality perspective.

Norway is one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, and Up Norway is constantly striving to ensure that equality remains clearly visible on the map.

The new 'In the Footsteps of Norway's Superwomen' journey offers a historical and geographical adventure that introduces travellers to remarkable stories - from the witch trials in wild 17th century Varanger to female empowerment at a whiskey distillery on Fedje Island.

Highlights and accommodation

Highlights of the trip include a visit to Scandinavia's only women's museum, a guided visit to the Steilneset memorial and Vardøhus fortress, a unique king crab fishing experience with tales of strong female characters who fulfilled the same tasks as men in the past, and a visit to Feddie Ocean Distillery, Norway's first certified organic distillery, which produces an entirely new kind of classic whiskey.

First-class selected accommodation with a focus on the country's leading women ideally round off the theme of the trip.

More on the new offer of Up Norway.

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