Reopening of the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki

by Anja
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Apr 17, 2023 8:29:47 AM

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Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki open again after one year of renovation

Last Friday, the Museum of Art in Helsinki reopened its doors. It had been closed for over a year due to extensive renovation.

The reopening changes a long tradition of the museum, as the works of art are no longer exhibited in chronological order as before.

Numerous culture enthusiasts were drawn to the Ateneum on Friday. They had all been eagerly awaiting the newly designed museum as well as the new exhibition "A Question of Time", which covers four themes: Art and Power, Modern Life, The Age of Nature and Images of a People.

In addition, many older and better-known works of art are once again open to the public. The Ateneum's next exposition will open on 5 May: a retrospective on the Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905).

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Header: © Ateneum Ville Malja

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