Renovation of runway 3 at Helsinki Airport

by Anja
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Mar 28, 2024 3:32:22 PM

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Helsinki Airport's runway 3 is being renovated

From April 15, 2024, Finavia will start renovating Runway 3 at Helsinki Airport and the associated taxiways as part of its maintenance plan. The renovation is scheduled to last until June 12, during which time aircraft operations will be diverted.

Jani Elasmaa, Vice President of Finavia, responsible for apron and runway operations at Helsinki Airport, emphasizes: "The structural integrity of the runway must be first class, as it is exposed to enormous loads. Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial for safe and punctual air traffic."

The renovation work, which begins on April 15, will include surface repairs to the taxiways leading to Runway 3 and other necessary upgrades, particularly to the lighting systems.

During the renovation period, landings on Runway 3 will be suspended and the primary landing routes will shift to Runway 2 (15/33) from the northwest and Runway 1 (22L) from the northeast. Take-off flights will primarily use Runway 1 to depart in a south-westerly direction, following noise-reduced flight paths or instructions from air traffic control. Departures will follow the usual guidelines when using Runway 3. If required, quiet jet aircraft may also use Runway 2 for southerly departures.

The renovation work on Runway 3 will not affect the overall experience at Helsinki Airport.

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