Renovation at Kuusamo Airport

by Anja
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Feb 8, 2023 9:28:09 AM

#NordicNews on air traffic and Finland

Renovation at Kuusamo Airport will affect flight operations

At Kuusamo Airport in Finland, the lighting systems and the tarmac are being renewed. The repair work will last from 17 July to 15 August 2023. During this time, air traffic will be interrupted.

The runway lighting will be renewed to save energy and increase energy efficiency. The existing lights will all be replaced with LED lights.

Kuusamo Airport will serve airlines and passengers normally from 16 August 2023, once the repair work is completed. During the renovation work, the terminal building will be closed.

The renewed infrastructure facilitates operations. It will also contribute to smoother operations during the important Christmas season in Lapland for Kuusamo Airport.

More on the renovation work of Finavia.

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