Øresund Bridge in Sweden lowers prices

by Anja
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Mar 27, 2023 9:32:56 AM

#NordicNews on Sweden

Øresund Bridge lowers prices and makes crossing more pleasant

The prices for crossing the Øresund Bridge will be reduced for contract customers. As of 14 March, the BroPass discount contracts will be replaced by new discount contracts. ØresundGO will be the name of the new contract for private customers. For commuters and business customers, the products will be renamed ØresundPENDLARE and ØresundBUSINESS.

"With a discount contract, crossing Øresund will be cheaper and easier for everyone. The prices per trip will drop by about seven per cent," says Berit Vestergaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Øresundsbron.

Øresundsbron is launching a new website to improve the customer experience. A new app is also in the works. Customers will no longer have to worry about getting a toll device, but can simply register their vehicle's number plate via the Øresundsbron website. Driving through the toll station will be easier, and it is better for the environment.

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