Norwegian counted around 1.3 million passengers in December

by Anja
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Jan 11, 2023 2:23:57 PM

#NordicNews on air traffic and Norway

Airline Norwegian had around 1.3 million passengers in December 2022

The Norwegian airline Norwegian counted more than 1.3 million passengers in December. This represents an increase of 41 per cent compared to December 2021. Norwegian counted around 18 million passengers in 2022 as a whole.

The high load factor is due to solid operations during the Christmas travel season. High demand for air travel and continued booking growth were key factors in Norwegian's closing a positive year. Passenger numbers almost tripled.

The load factor was 77.8 per cent in December. The full year 2022 load factor was a strong 83.1 per cent.

More on the figures of Norwegian.

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