Norway introduces new regulations for campsites

by Anja
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Jul 1, 2022 7:55:28 AM

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New regulations at Norway's campsites for more safety

More distance between pitches and wider firebreaks between plots - these are the new requirements at Norway's campsites. The requirements came into force on 01 March 2022. Already this summer, sites will be set up according to the new regulations.

The Directorate of Building Quality (DiBK) has arranged to increase safety at campsites - especially seasonal campsites without fixed installations such as electricity, running water or sewage. On the one hand, the new regulations simplify simple and clear communication, and on the other hand, they help with monitoring by the municipalities.

At least four meters of space between camping units will be required. In addition, the space between units must be free of obstructions.
Existing campsites with fixed installations must take the new rules into account only when new areas or new infrastructure are set up.

More on the new campground regulations.

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