Norway considers introduction of tourism fees

by Anja
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Jan 26, 2023 9:06:11 AM

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Sightseeing spots in Norway could soon be subject to visitor fees

Visiting tourist highlights in Norway could become subject to fees in the near future. The government is currently considering allowing municipalities to charge visitor fees.

On the list of attractions are Nordkapp, Beitostølen, the World Heritage fjords and Lofoten. The government has set out measures in a five-point plan. The aim is to promote competitive, sustainable and profitable tourism throughout the country and in all seasons.

At this stage, the measures are against the law and have to be legally assessed first. The plan includes the items Action Plan, Visitor Contributions, Guide Accreditation System, Tourism 2023 and a Committee to Study a Sustainable Tourism Industry. 

More on the planned actions of Norwegians government.

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