North Cape - dispute over parking fees

by Anja
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Oct 28, 2022 10:45:39 AM

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Scandic appeals regarding parking fees at the North Cape

At the North Cape, the hotel chain Scandic Hotels and the municipality are currently in dispute over the charging of parking fees. The municipality insists that the entire North Cape plateau, including the earthen area, is open land in the sense of the Open Air Act.

Now Scandic Hotels AS is appealing the ruling to the Norges Høyesterett Supreme Court. Scandic considers the popular tourist resort to be a business area that would not fall under the Open Air Act.

The dispute has been going on for some time. It is also about whether the North Cape plateau is inland or foreign land and thus subject to the public right under the Norwegian Outdoor Activities Act.

Around 300,000 visitors come to the North Cape every year, which could bring Scandic a parking fee income of NOK 50 million per year.

More on the dispute of parking fees at Cape North.

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