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A frequently asked question is: What exactly do you do during the workshops and training courses? Who takes part? This refers to NordicMarketing's practical training and workshops for the tourism industry on topics such as product development, distribution and marketing. Participants are service providers, suppliers and entrepreneurs from the travel industry.

Trainings in Finland, Sweden and Norway

The training courses take place in various locations in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Sometimes it is the tourism associations of individual regions, sometimes international EU projects or groups of companies that commission us to train local tourism professionals. There may be only a few small companies that want to optimize their tourist offers for the German-speaking market. Or large projects with cooperations between various destinations, with experienced professionals from large companies in the sector or medium-sized family businesses, including hotels, cottage providers, safari companies or transport companies.

The participants of our workshops usually seek information about the German-speaking market. The aim is to win customers from Central Europe and find the right partners and distribution channels.

Workshop in Tampere (Visit Tampere)

Tourism trends and user behavior in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

The content of the trainings is about the motives of the Germans, Swiss or Austrians to travel to Scandinavia. Which activities or sights are of interest to these customers, which trends can be identified for tourism in Northern Europe?

On this basis, the theoretical part is followed by group work, where the participants are to identify and list the strengths and weaknesses of their own region. The previously discussed trends and motives are the focus of the participants' own analysis. 

The role of tour operators and travel agencies

In the following, the theoretical part deals with the role of tour operators and its difference to travel agencies. In addition, it is about traditional stationary sales, which often causes astonishment among many participants, mostly "digitized and mobile affine" Northern Europeans. The same applies to the associated catalogue production and the associated production cycles in Central Europe.

Using concrete product examples from various tour operators, a wide variety of specializations and numerous target groups will be highlighted in order to illustrate the highly differentiated requirements and needs of the respective tour operators. Beside the Scandinavia specialists it concerns also the experts for group journeys, active journeys or study journeys, exactly the same as specialists for fishing trips, motorcycle journeys or holiday houses.

Workshop in Mathildedal (Visit Salo)

Tour operator prices and commissions in the tourism industry

In addition, key issues such as tour operator prices, commissions and allotments in the tourism industry will be addressed in order to create an understanding of competitive pricing for the markets in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

This is followed by group work once again, in which the opportunities and risks of the individual providers are discussed. In addition, it is about which products and services appear to be relevant for the Central European market. In doing so, the products of the participating companies are gathered, which often form the basis for later product manuals.

Product development for the Central European market

When it comes to product development, the focus of our workshops is on the Central European market. In order to convey to the participants a feeling for the high requirements of the organizers, it is necessary to create a template for the own products based on the different product examples of selected organizer websites with all the detailed service descriptions and itineraries.

In the group work, detailed catalogues of criteria are created, which create a practical basis for the own performance descriptions. New or joint products, such as multi-active weeks or round trips in cooperation with several suppliers, are also created in the workshops.

Workshop in Karelien (KETI)

Online Products and Product Manuals

Later on, we will make our web-based product templates available to the participants in order to record the relevant products from the individual companies with all the individual details. This is to ensure that the requirements of the tour operators are met and that the highest possible standard is achieved for later product manuals or online marketing.

As a result, innumerable products from Northern Europe have been collected and published online at NordicMarketing as trips or in the numerous product manuals. Our aim is to support suppliers and regions in product development in order to put together the best possible packages and building blocks for tour operators. We always keep the high demands of the tourism industry in mind.

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