New National Park in Salla

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Nov 26, 2021 5:06:30 PM

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Finland approves establishment of Salla National Park

Last Tuesday, 23.11.2021, Finland's Parliament approved the government's proposal to establish Salla National Park in Finnish Lapland. The area of approximately 10,000-hectare with diverse landscapes is situated on Finland's northeastern border with Russia, close to the Sallatunturi Nature Reserve and will form Finland's 41st national park.

With the decision of the Finnish Parliament, the project initiated by the municipality of Salla will now be completed. Finland's Minister of the Interior, Krista Mikkonen, explained that in the Salla National Park area, beautiful old forests, wetlands and fell landscapes meet impressive gorges. The diversified nature of the Sallatunturi area deserves the status of a national park, Mikkonen added.
The new national park will create new jobs in the region and bring in a total of 400,000 euros in annual tax revenue over the next seven years.

The new national park also promotes sustainable travel, as the region can be reached by public transport from southern Finland, e.g. by night train from Helsinki.

More about Salla National Park.

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