New e-buses in Oslo

by Anja
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Apr 26, 2023 11:00:07 AM

#NordicNews on sustainability and Norway

City of Oslo puts 183 new electric buses into service

In Oslo, 183 new e-buses have been driving through the city since mid-April. 137 more are to be added shortly. By the end of the year, the capital of Norway wants to offer emission-free local transport and equip trams, buses, boats and subways with electricity.

Oslo would thus reach the goal of zero-emission public transport five years earlier than planned. This was due to the fact that the market for zero-emission technologies reacted much faster than originally expected.

Oslo has increased the capacity of the buses and upgraded the bus facilities. The battery pack of the buses has a range of around 250 kilometres.

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Header: © Eirik Skarstein Unsplash

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