Kittilä is Airport of the Year 2021

by Anja
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Oct 6, 2022 9:14:46 AM

#NordicNews on air traffic and Finland

Kittilä Airport named best Finnish airport 2021

Finavia, the Finnish airport company, has chosen Kittilä Airport in Finnish Lapland as Airport of the Year 2021. The deciding factor was customer satisfaction.

Kittilä Airport in Lapland goes through huge fluctuations in passenger and flight traffic depending on the season. The airport team managed to keep passenger satisfaction at a high level.

“I am very pleased about the recognition received by Kittilä Airport. Our airport possesses an active work community and great team spirit across organisational boundaries. A good example of our great cooperation, expertise and know-how is the way we prepare for and see through the Christmas period,” says Jonna Pietilä, Finavia’s Airport Manager at Kittilä Airport.

Kittilä Airport is constantly being expanded. The premises have been extended, services expanded and capacity increased. 

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