Icelandair introduces BAGTAG solution

by Anja
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Aug 9, 2023 2:48:00 PM

#NordicNews on air traffic and Iceland

Icelandair is first airline with new baggage handling technology for crew members

Icelandair announces the introduction of the BAGTAG solution for crew members. The innovation is to be introduced next October. This makes the Icelandic airline the first airline to introduce baggage handling technology designed specifically for crew members.

The revolutionary solution is designed to increase the efficiency and convenience of flight operations. Instead of traditional paper tags, electronic baggage tags will be used in future. This is expected to streamline handling procedures, eliminate paper waste and optimise the crew's travel experience.

The new solution takes advantage of backward-compatible plug-and-play technology to simplify processes, reduce errors and increase baggage handling efficiency. Crew members can transfer baggage information directly to the electronic tags via a secure connection with an application.

Amadeus acts as the BAGTAG partner. Icelandair was able to connect to the BAGTAG platform within a few weeks.

The crew of the Icelandic airline will be equipped with customized suitcases including permanent BAGTAG next October.

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