Finland raises study on a railway line in Lapland

by Anja
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Oct 13, 2022 10:11:25 AM

#NordicNews on rail traffic and Finland

Regional Council launches a study on an East-West train connection in Lapland

As part of a study, the Regional Council of Lapland is investigating a possible train connection from Sodankylä via Kittilä on to Ylläs. This connection could benefit tourism, mining and forestry. Extending the railway line across northern Sweden to Narvik is also part of the discussion.

A longer version of the line from Kemijärvi to Kolari is also being considered. Last year, the Lapland Regional Council rejected the construction of a railway line between Rovaniemi and Kirkenes after reindeer herders protested and the Finnish authorities also felt that this connection was not economically viable. 

More on the studies of the new connection.

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