Finland presents plan for electric flight routes over Lapland

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Feb 10, 2022 12:03:31 PM

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Trial project to test the feasibility of electric flight routes over Lapland

From the North-West corner of Finland, Enontekiö Airport, a trial project will examine the feasibility of using electric aircraft on routes throughout Lapland. Initial flights will be powered by renewable aviation fuel, but later flights will switch to electric aircraft. Even with lower passenger volumes, electric aircraft could revolutionize travel and make routes more profitable.

"Lapland's internal air traffic is designed so that it can be operated by electric aircraft. The location of Enontekiö is central, the longest flight distance from here is about 300 kilometres, and the range of an electric plane is good enough for that," says Marko Halla CEO of Enontekiö Airport.

More about the electric aircraft project 

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