#NordicMeetings one-to-one

Online meetings between suppliers from Finland, Sweden and Norway and tour operators from Central Europe

Face-to-face meeting

Our #NordicMeetings one-to-one are selected online meetings, where you as a tour operator meet digitally and exclusive with a provider from Northern Europe who offers you an exclusive presentation of its products - only one tour operator meets one supplier or a group of suppliers.

Both you and the provider take part with sound and video, which allows for a lively exchange.

Your benefits:

  • Individual presentation of relevant products
  • Greater flexibility in finding the best date plus positive effect on the environment as traveling is not required
  • You only meet a qualitative selection of suppliers which are relevant for just your company concerning their services
  • Participation in #NordicMeetings is free of charge for tour operators


Then fill out or registration form on the right and get further information as well as concrete date and provider suggestions. 

Header: © Unsplash / Belo Rio Studio

Are you interested in participating in a #NordicMeeting one-to-one with one of our partners from Northern Europe?

In order to prepare the meetings even more optimally and find the right products for you, we would like to ask you for a few details in advance: