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Digital Marketing Packages

Reach Central European tour operators through digital channels. Blog posts, videos, newsletters and social media content combined for tourism professionals.


4.500 €
per year
Suitable for companies


  • 1 YouTube video
  • 1 blog article in German
  • 1 newsletter to tour operators in German
  • 1 Company Page in German
  • 3-6 Online Products in German
  • Social media marketing
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12.000 €
per year
Suitable for tourism projects


  • 6 YouTube videos
  • 6 blog articles in German
  • 6 newsletters to tour operators in German
  • 1-5 Destination Pages in German
  • 12-24 Online Products in German
  • Social media marketing
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Digital marketing packages for the tourism industry

We want to give you as our customers, as companies and tourist destinations a face and share travel trade news with Central European tour operators.

We interview our customers in a video meeting where we would like to hear about the destination's attractions, the latest news, the best tips, and key insider information. In the same interview, the customer introduces the companies, places to visit, accommodation options and various activities in the destination.

YouTube videos of the tourist destination and companies

Based on the interview, we make a YouTube video and a German blog post which are aimed at professionals, like Central European tour operators. The new content of the blog post will be distributed in form of a newsletter to about 1,000 German-speaking tour operators and shared on NordicMarketing's social media channels (Facebook and LinkedIn pages, Instagram and twitter accounts). The overall aim is to inspire professionals to participate in joint meetings or fam trips.

For tourist destinations, we create a separate German Destination Page, which gathers all relevant information, facts, contact information, products, a map and pictures for the needs of tour operators. For tourism projects with multiple destinations involved, the package contains 1-5 Destination Pages.
Companies get their own German Company Page, which collects background information about the company, facts, contact information, products, a map and images.

Digital product cards for tour operators

In addition, Online Products will be created on NordicMarketing's website. Depending on the selected package,  3-24 individual online products will be published. These digital product cards in German contain detailed product descriptions as well as facts, contact information, maps and pictures, taking the needs and requirements of tour operators into account. The aim is to provide a wide range of product examples for the production of tour operators. The online products, as well as the destination and company pages are linked to the related blog post.

All marketing activities in the scope of the digital marketing packages are aimed at tour operators in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The packages include

  • Recorded video interview with our customers in English
  • Video editing (text, music, pictures)
  • Publication of a video on NordicMarketing's YouTube channel
  • German blog post for professionals on NordicMarketing's website
  • Exclusive newsletter directed at tour operators in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with the content of the customer's blog post only
  • Translation work English-German
  • Report in pdf format
  • Target group: All registered tour operators (approx. 1,000 recipients, DACH) (distribution lists according to GDPR)
  • Mailing times are agreed with the customer


  • Basic (1 YouTube video, 1 blog post, 1 newsletter, 1 company page, 3-6 online products)
  • Pro (3 YouTube videos, 3 blog posts, 3 newsletters, 1 destination page, 6-12 online products)
  • Premium (6 YouTube videos, 6 blog posts, 6 newsletters, 1-5 destination pages, 12-24 online products)


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