Viking Line's festive culinary odyssey

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Nov 23, 2023 1:03:32 PM

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Viking Line combines tradition and innovation with local delicacies and contemporary trends

The Viking Line's Christmas buffet is a mix of tradition and modern food trends, with up to 80% of the ingredients sourced locally. Nordic products are prioritised in the 75 different dishes, and most of them come from Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

The buffet emphasises traditional Christmas dishes, but also offers new experiences inspired by current food trends. Customers appreciate the balance between traditional dishes and innovative flavours. This year, Viking Line is offering a vegan celeriac ham alongside the popular ham options. The range of seafood, especially herring, continues to be a sought-after delicacy, accompanied by various fish roe, lutefisk, prawns and salmon in different preparations.

Sustainable delicacies and timeless traditions

The evolution of food culture is reflected in the growing selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes at the buffet, which are prepared with more ambition. To minimise food waste, Christmas desserts are served in individual portions, including raspberry, lemon and ruby chocolate variations, rice à la Malta and ice cream to suit different tastes.

The Christmas buffet, a Viking Line tradition since the 1970s, delights around 200,000 guests every year until 26 December, when the winter buffet takes its place. The extensive selection of 75 dishes includes a variety of fish and meat, vegetarian options, bread, cheese and desserts, with herring alone being presented in ten different preparations. The traditional lutefisk is still a popular choice, and the buffet offers a range of casseroles and vegetarian options. There are also two types of ham - traditional Finnish and vegan celeriac - and a wide selection of desserts.

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