Viking Line pleased with summer tourism in Åland

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Sep 5, 2023 10:37:49 AM

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Finnish visitors conquer the archipelago with Viking Line

Finnish tourists are now the largest group of visitors to Åland, and the summer extends well into autumn in the archipelago. Viking Line transports most tourists to Åland, as the shipping company's ships make a stopover in Mariehamn.

The warm waters of the Baltic archipelago keep Åland pleasant even after the summer months, and more and more Finns have come to appreciate the allure of the archipelago. This island paradise, just a short boat trip away, offers activities for nature lovers as well as opportunities for golfing, fishing and enjoying good food.

More Finns than Swedes in Åland

The Finns have now replaced the Swedes as the largest tourist group in Åland, also during the autumn.

Niko Micklin, the marketing and sales manager at Visit Åland, explains: "Tourists from mainland Finland have discovered the uniqueness and exoticism of Åland. We have noticed that Finnish guests want to experience Åland even more intensively than Swedes and invest in high-quality accommodation and culinary experiences. Early autumn is an excellent time to travel to Åland. Hotels are not as crowded as in the summer season, and it is easier to find the accommodation you want at short notice. Attractions and restaurants are also open as in summer, so you won't miss out on any activities or culinary delights."

The most popular way to travel to Åland from Finland is by boat from the port of Turku with Viking Line.

Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Viking Line's senior vice president of corporate communications, says: "Viking Glory, our newest ship, and Viking Grace call in Åland twice a day. On the sea voyage, passengers can enjoy the unique archipelago scenery all year round - first in the Turku archipelago and then in the Åland archipelago. We have also noticed that local tourism is becoming more popular, and our bookings for autumn look promising, also for Åland."

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