Under certain conditions: Norway tolerates transit through Sweden

Jul 16, 2020 4:24:38 PM

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Norway allows direct transit through Sweden in own vehicle

Foreign nationals from EU/Schengen countries that are exempted from quarantine (this includes per 15.07 f.ex. The Netherlands) may travel through areas with increased infection (e.g. Sweden or Luxembourg) without having to go into quarantine in Norway if they fulfill the following conditions:

    • They are travelling in their own vehicle or coach en route to Norway.
      • They do not stay overnight in the area.
      • They fulfill distancing and other infection control requirements during the trip

It's not allowed to

  • stay in Sweden overnight (even in their own vehicle)
  • transit without own vehicle (e.g. public bus, train)
  • transit via Sweden by plane - e.g. a flight from The Netherlands with a stopover in Stockholm
  • to leave Norway for a short time in the direction of Sweden and then to re-enter Norway, e.g. to choose a faster route to get from one part of northern Norway to the other.

From 1 August, anyone arriving in Norway from Belgium will be required to go into quarantine for 10 days.

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