Twelve new domestic flights in Sweden

by Anja
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Mar 15, 2023 8:22:17 AM

#NordicNews on air traffic and Sweden

Swedish Transport Agency awards contracts for domestic flights

The Swedish Transport Administration has awarded contracts for air transport on twelve domestic routes for the period 2023 - 2027. The government's mandate is to promote basic accessibility and, where appropriate, to contract for public transport when it is not economically viable.

The operators Amapola Flyg AB and Jonair Affärsflyg AB won the tender. They will operate during the current contract period.

Jonair Affärsflyg AB will operate the following routes from October 2023 to October 2027:

  • Pajala–Luleå
  • Östersund–Umeå
  • Sveg–Mora–Arlanda
  • Torsby–Hagfors–Arlanda

In the period from October 2023 to October 2027, Amapola Flyg AB will operate the following flights:

  • Gällivare–Kramfors–Arlanda
  • Hemavan–Arvidsjaur–Vilhelmina–Lycksele–Arlanda*

*No route will involve more than one stopover. The service will be operated with two aircraft.

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