Resumption of flight operations at Kuusamo Airport

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Aug 16, 2023 10:08:32 AM

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Finavia has completed the construction project at Kuusamo Airport

Finavia has completed the construction project with investments worth €2.5 million at Kuusamo Airport. The airport's runway was renewed and the apron and taxiway were resurfaced. The airport is now ready for the upcoming winter season.

The renovation of Kuusamo Airport was successful. The time and cost schedule was met. The airport will open for air traffic on Wednesday 16 August 2023. The cost of the new lighting system accounted for around 2 million euros. A total of 160 new energy-efficient LED luminaires were installed on the runway. The energy efficiency of the new luminaires is 50 % better than the old ones.

The renovation work in the summer also included the renewal of part of the apron and the entire taxiway. Several local companies from the Kuusamo region and Finavia employees from Kuusamo, Oulu and Kajaani airports participated in the renovation.

During the winter season, Kuusamo Airport is very busy. Many scheduled and charter flights from Europe land at Kuusamo. In 2022, more than 117,000 passengers travelled through Kuusamo Airport, with a total of 765 domestic and international passenger flights. In January-June 2023, the number of passengers was 66,185, an increase of 8.5% compared to the previous year.

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