Øyna Kulturlandskapshotell wins Business Development in Agriculture Award

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Apr 13, 2022 1:17:13 PM

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Øyna Kulturlandskapshotell has won the award for business development in agriculture

Every year Innovation Norway, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, awards the Business Development in Agriculture Award. This is a business and enterprise development award for companies that have established a successful business or industry based on the resources of the villages and agriculture.

This year's winner, Øyna Kulturlandskapshotell on Inderøya in Trøndelag has rooms built into the ground. With sustainable design and the choice of materials, as well as food made from local ingredients, the company has created an attraction on Inderøy with local roots, jobs and international recognition.

Social and environmental sustainability are important criteria for the Business Development Award in Agriculture. Due to the hotel's construction of concrete and solid wood, energy costs are low. Furthermore, Øyna offers both full-time and part-time work, and there are currently 15 permanent employees, including 3 apprentices. 

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