Østmarka National Park officially opened in Norway

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Jun 6, 2024 3:20:46 PM

National park accessible from Oslo by public transport

The Østmarka National Park in Norway was opened with a large public event at the end of May. The area is located near Oslo and was granted national park status in autumn 2023. A special feature is its location close to the city; the national park can be reached from Oslo by bus and tram.

Østmarka National Park is one of 48 national parks in Norway. Even though the area has now been granted national park status, most sports and leisure activities are still permitted as before. "We have listened to the organisations that wanted sport to be highlighted in the nature conservation purpose and included in the nature conservation regulations. We are preserving this nature so that it can continue to be used for both sport and outdoor life in the future,’ says Climate and Environment Minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksen.

More about Østmarka National Park.

Header: © Olav Thøger Haavelstad

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