Modernization of Kuopio Airport

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Feb 9, 2024 11:11:05 AM

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Final phase of the 2024 renovation project at Kuopio Airport

Finavia will carry out the final phase of a major runway renovation project at Kuopio Airport in the summer of 2024. This three-year investment, with a total value of almost 20 million euros, provides for approximately 13 million euros for the work in 2024.
Flights to and from Kuopio will be temporarily suspended from June 24 to August 6, 2024 to allow for the renovation process. The preparatory work for the renovation, which will begin in mid-May and last six weeks, is not expected to affect current air traffic.
During the renovation of Kuopio Airport, improvements such as runway and taxiway surface replacement, apron upgrades and runway safety area extensions are planned. Temporary flight disruption is strategically planned during the second phase of the renovation, with alternative airports such as Joensuu, Savonlinna and Jyväskylä servicing passengers during this time.
Subsequent phases include the creation of a surface and asphalting of the runway, the replacement of lighting systems with energy-efficient LED technology and the expansion of taxiways. Finavia emphasizes its commitment to environmental responsibility and integrates climate-friendly energy solutions in line with the company's objectives. Specifically, the entire lighting system and electrical system will be overhauled with energy-efficient LED technology to support Finavia's efforts to minimize its environmental impact.
The renovation project in summer 2024 is expected to employ 80 people in the Kuopio region, with local companies actively involved in the implementation. Finavia emphasizes cooperation with environmental, electrical and earthworks experts as well as close coordination with companies and authorities at Kuopio Airport to ensure the success of the project.
The overall goal is to provide airlines with a modern and efficient airport infrastructure that supports extensive use by various stakeholders.
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