Huskies in Scandinavia: Top Suppliers at NORDEUROPA 2023

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Huskies in Northern Europe

The relationship between people and huskies in the region north of the Arctic Circle has always been a very special one. What is one of the most original means of transportation in Scandinavia and was even instrumental in the conquest of the North and South Poles, has now become a popular tourist attraction in Northern Europe: Dog sledding tours.

A companion and helper

It is believed that sled dogs were first used by indigenous peoples in northeastern Siberia. What the fewest know: The word "husky" represents a collective name for sled dogs, and by no means a breed of its own.

The word Husky comes from the term "Esky". This was the derogatory slang name for the Eskimos, and husky then referred to all dogs that had a thick coat, prick ears, a bushy tail, and were particularly good at pulling sleds.

- Rebecca from the dog blog LeWauz

Huskies were mainly used for hunting, traveling and resettling nomadic peoples in northern Europe or for trade, for which they transported goods. In addition to transport tasks, huskies protected tribes from polar bears and helped with navigation with their good sense of direction. 

NORDEUROPA 2023_© Ugur Arpaci-unsplash
© Ugur Arpaci | Unsplash

Dog sledding safaris as a tourist attraction

The feeling of whizzing through the snowy landscape of Northern Europe as part of a dog sled team is incomparable. Many travellers want to experience this and take it home with them, which is why a visit to a husky farm including a sled tour is part of almost every safari in Finland, Sweden and Norway in winter. Also at NORDEUROPA 2023 you can meet many providers and destinations that offer husky tours, but also guided tours of farms and background information about this special topic. Here we present some of them: 

Jukkasjärvi Vildmarksturer

Jukkasjärvi Vildmarksturer realizes and distributes nature-based experiences and offers all its guests a unique nature experience in Swedish Lapland. The dog sled tours in northern Sweden lead through national parks, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and through the pristine forest close to the mountains. Guests learn about the history of Lapland, Kiruna and the history of the Sami on the tours from experienced guides. The longer the tour, the more history and environment participants can experience and marvel at.

Lapland Safaris

Lapland Safaris is a specialist in the nature of Lapland and the Lapland way of life – and has been since 1982. Lapland Safaris has a high quality standard for its products and its staff, especially in safety matters. The company operates in all major destinations in Lapland. The range of activities includes unique natural products of the North, from snowmobiling to Northern Lights hunting, from dog-sledding to snowshoeing and from summer river cruising to cycling. All together with experienced and trained guides.

NORDEUROPA2023_© Ugur-Arpaci-Unsplash_2
© Ugur Arpaci | Unsplash

Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris

Iso Syöte Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel includes Arctic rooms, unique suites (with views of the Northern Lights), authentic cabins, an upscale restaurant, an Arctic spa and full-service safaris – Iso Syöte Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel offers everything your clients need for their Lapland holiday! The hotel is located in Finnish Lapland in the triangle formed by the major airports of Rovaniemi, Oulu and Kuusamo. Hotel Iso-Syöte’s weekly safari program guarantees an extensive selection of winter-season safaris. In both the summer and winter season, Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris, working as a DMC, provides unique and high quality holiday experiences for your customers. Winter safaris are offered, which include dog sledding.

Kiruna Sleddog Tours

Kiruna Sleddog Tours is an outdoor company based in Kiruna, northern Sweden, offering activities and accommodation including Aurora accommodation and dog sledding tours in Europe's last wilderness. The offer varies from daily group arrangements to 8-day wilderness tours, as well as canoeing and fishing in the summer.

Best Arctic 

Best Arctic is a new brand that replaces the leading activity provider Tromsø Safari. Best Arctic includes Bussring - the largest coach company in Northern Norway – and The Arctic Route, a series of tourist adventure routes that offer a comfortable way to explore the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Best Arctic offers a wide range of services in Northern Norway all year round, operating from Tromsø and Narvik. Best Arctic organises dog sledding tours through the winter wonderland of Northern Norway! A holiday above the Arctic Circle is incomplete without a husky sledding adventure with Best Arctic.

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