Finnish Lapland takes preventative measures against bedbug incidents

by Anja
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Nov 3, 2023 8:27:10 AM

#NordicNews on tourism industry and Finland

Exploring bedbug awareness in Lapland's thriving tourism sector

Around 15 years ago, bedbugs were a rarity in Finnish Lapland, but recent times have seen occasional sightings of these pests, occurring approximately three times a month, according to a pest control worker in the region.

This year, Finnish Lapland is gearing up for what is expected to be a busy tourist season, drawing visitors from the United Kingdom and France. Media attention on bedbugs in Paris has raised awareness, prompting Lapland's hotels to be cautious.

Seppo Parviainen, a pest control business operator in Kemijärvi, observed the gradual increase in bedbug reports in Lapland over the years. Fifteen years ago, these pests were almost unheard of, but now they make occasional appearances.

Petri Metsälä, an entomologist and development manager at the pest control company Anticimex, emphasized the importance of promptly detecting and addressing potential bedbug problems, especially as Lapland prepares for the upcoming winter tourist season with visitors from around the world.

Notably, in France, bedbugs have shown resistance to traditional pesticides, which has contributed to their prevalence in the capital. Parviainen and Metsälä noted that their companies employ heat and fine powder, rather than chemicals, for bedbug control. This approach is both effective and prevents the development of resistance. Bedbugs are highly sensitive to temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius, and using methods like heating bedding materials in a sauna has proven successful.

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