Finavia invests in infrastructure

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Feb 14, 2023 9:25:36 AM

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Finavia invests in airport modernization to improve sustainability and safety

Airport company Finavia is spending over €15 million on renovating the runways at Helsinki, Kuopio and Kuusamo airports. Part of the money will be spent on water protection and energy efficiency. In total, the environmental investments amount to almost 10 million euros.

In addition to the infrastructure investments, Finavia will invest more than €5 million in sustainable development projects at Helsinki, Turku and Pori airports. The focus will be on promoting water conservation and reducing carbon emissions.

Airport Helsinki

At Helsinki Airport, the northern end of Runway 2 (15/33) is being renovated. The work will last from May until the beginning of September. The renovation will affect the airport's landing directions, as it will not be possible to land on runway 2. From May to August, landings from Nurmijärvi will decrease and landings from Northeast Vantaa and Kerava will increase.
The parallel runways 1 and 3 will be available as usual, so the renovation will not affect passenger or air traffic.
In addition to improving the stormwater drainage system, Finavia will also renovate the electrical systems under the runway and the runway surface.
The renovation will continue in summer 2024, when the southern end of the runway will be renovated and the navigation and air traffic control systems will be replaced.

Airport Kuopio

The renovation of the runway at Kuopio Airport has no impact on air traffic. Here, Finavia is renovating the storm water drains and taxiways E and F and continuing the renewal of the electricity network.
The work will start in May and be completed by the beginning of September. The airport will be open the entire time. Kuopio Airport's runway renovation should be completed by autumn 2024.

Airport Kuusamo

Air traffic at Kuusamo Airport will be suspended between 17 July and 15 August. The runway lighting system and apron surface will be renewed.
Kuusamo Airport will be open as usual from 16 August 2023. The renovated infrastructure will make air traffic run even more smoothly in the autumn and the coming Christmas season.

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