Energy saving plan at Finnish airports

by Anja
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Oct 28, 2022 11:07:42 AM

#NordicNews on Finland and air traffic

Finavia saves electricity at Finnish airports with reduction of temperature and light

The Finnish airport operator Finavia has developed an energy saving plan. The most important measures include the reduction of indoor temperatures and the use of LED lights with motion sensors in the car parks.

The goal is to save an amount of energy equivalent to the annual consumption of almost 400 single-family homes with electric heating.

Finavia has already invested heavily in the energy efficiency of its airports in recent years. Solar panels, which among other things feed the charging stations for the electric cars, can be found on the roofs and walls. The glass windows at Helsinki Airport reflect heat back outside, reducing the need for mechanical cooling in hot weather. The renewed LED lights with motion sensors in the car parks will also contribute to electricity savings.

More on the energy saving plan of Finavia.

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