Denmark lifts entry restrictions

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Mar 3, 2022 12:19:52 PM

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Entry from EU and Schengen countries is possible without restrictions since March 1 

Denmark has eased resp. lifted entry restrictions on March 1, 2022. This means that travelers from EU and Schengen countries can again enter without proof. For travelers from a country outside EU and Schengen, the restrictions on entry have been eased. 
Travelers from a country outside EU and Schengen have to take a test at a test centre within 24 hours upon entry unless they cannot proof a certificate of full being fully vaccinated or recovered.
For the time being, the new eases restrictions will be in place until March 29, 2022. An "emergency brake" will continue to be maintained, which can be activated if new virus variants of concern emerge. However, the emergency brake is currently not activated for any country.
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