Cooperation between NordicMarketing and Nordic Tourism Collective starts

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Oct 20, 2023 2:36:03 PM

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The two leading specialists in Northern European tourism join forces

We are delighted to announce the signing of a Nordic Partnership Agreement between NordicMarketing GmbH and the Nordic Tourism Collective. With this partnership, two leading specialists in Northern European tourism are joining forces, offering service providers in the North an even larger international network and contacts to tour operators in Europe.

Based in Germany, NordicMarketing GmbH is the leading tourist marketing agency specialising in tourism services for suppliers in the Nordic region, connecting them with tour operators, travel agencies and incentive agencies in the DACH speaking countries and Benelux.

Based in the UK, The Nordic Tourism Collective is an independent, not-for-profit and collaborative network for the Nordic travel and tourism industry. Its aim is to assist in the sustainable development of tourism in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Its marketing arm, Nordic Travel Solutions, also offers tourism and representation services for individual partners in the Baltic and Nordic region for the B2B trade in the UK and Ireland.

By focusing on common synergies, the partnership enables the development of common Marketing services and promotional activities in the two leading European tourism source markets. DACH/Benelux and UK/Ireland for destinations and suppliers across the Nordic and Baltic region.This includes collaboration on cross- branded newsletters, webinars, workshops, Familiarisation trips and other proactive promotional activity

The partnership also focuses on building and growing a Nordic buyer community in Europe, exclusively for operators, travel agencies and other buyers promoting the beautiful and sustainable Nordic and Baltic regions.

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Paul Wagner, Jan Badur and Andy Fairburn in London 2023

A commitment to the National tourism offices

Both organisations commit to supporting and complementing the work of all the National Tourist Boards, only hosting events which can enhance and support those activities undertaken by the individual countries and always with a pan-Nordic or pan-Baltic approach. This agreement will further enable the development of the Nordic and Baltic region as a whole, adding another layer to the extraordinary work carried out by the individual Nordic and Baltic tourist offices.

The partnership will encourage collaboration and dialogue wherever there are opportunities to create multi-country and multi-destination activities across the region.

A commitment to sustainable tourism

The partnership is committed to sustainable tourism development and to the further adoption of sustainable principles and practices by all suppliers and operators working in the region.

Mutual Support

NordicMarketing acts as DACH and Benelux representative for the Nordic Tourism Collective and informs and updates the DACH and Benelux buyer network on all relevant activities. The Nordic Tourism Collective supports NordicMarketing in the promotion of their events, roadshows and FAM-Trips across the Nordic region.

NordicMarketing Managing Director Jan Badur is "delighted to announce this partnership, after 20 years in business in the region, we have found an excellent partner with whom we can expand our activity towards the Nordic and Baltic region, offering additional services to our clients".

Andy Fairburn and Paul Wagner from the Nordic Tourism Collective commented "The DACH and Benelux markets are so important to the development of tourism in the region and it's a dream scenario to collaborate with NordicMarketing. With their wealth of experience and reputation for their quality of tourism services, there is so much value we can give to our tourism friends and colleagues in the Nordics and Baltics by joining forces and collaborating together."

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