SAS flies to over 200 destinations in summer

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Dec 14, 2022 8:47:23 AM

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SAS Scandinavian Airlines presents the summer flight schedule

SAS Scandinavian Airlines has published its 2023 summer flight schedule. The airline will operate 20 new routes, which means around 5000 weekly flights to over 100 destinations.

This includes nine new destinations in Europe and one new national route in Norway. Additional routes between Haugesund and Trondheim and Haugesund and Copenhagen will also be introduced, and the frequency between Ålesund and Copenhagen will be increased, creating better connections to the western part of Norway.

SAS is also continuously focusing on domestic routes in Denmark and Sweden to create better connections between Danish and Swedish airports and European destinations. The summer program includes additional morning departures from Aalborg to Copenhagen and five daily flights from Aarhus to Copenhagen. The number of departures between Stockholm and the largest domestic destinations in Sweden, such as Luleå, Gothenburg and Umeå, will be increased.

More on the summer flight connections 2023 of SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

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